Choice of flavours (Vanilla, caramel, praline, coffee, chocolate, passion fruit, pistachio, lemon, raspberry)

The cream puffs towers are the perfect fit for weddings, baptisms, celebrations and other festive events.

Perfect to welcome several guests, the ODETTE Paris luxury set holds 35 cream puffs.

A chic and subtle touch, customising the ODETTE cream puffs will make an original impression on your guests or clients.


You planned everything but you forgot about the dessert ? Odette takes care of everything, tell us about your need :

Become franchised

Started in 2017, the franchised form of ODETTE answer to a multitude of requests.
Present in two countries, Djeddah in SAUDI ARABIA and Doha in QATAR, the franchised configuration is growing fast in France as well as abroad.

odette prend soin de vous

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